BJP in mission mode for 2024 Lok Sabha elections, all focus is on booth management


Mamta Tripathi

Lucknow. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is fully geared up for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, buoyed by the successive victory election after election. Along with this, every leader is giving advice to his workers to get down on the ground and work. Being the largest state, the focus of the party is maximum on UP. 80 Lok Sabha MPs are elected from UP. BJP strategists believe that any election can be won only with good booth management. That is why the party has identified weak booths in UP by giving the slogan of Mera Booth, Sabse Strongest.

Party leaders say that there are 1 lakh 75 thousand polling booths in the state, in which 1 lakh 23 thousand booths were occupied by the BJP in the last Lok Sabha elections. About 51 percent of the votes were received by the party leaders in these booths. Although the political equations were different at that time, because BSP and SP had fought the last Lok Sabha elections together. This time the circumstances are completely different. Where on the one hand the opposition is involved in their mutual fight, the BJP has started preparing for the Lok Sabha elections. While an army of wide-ranging workers has come down to the ground to work on the BJP’s booth-winning strategy, the leaders of the opposition are busy blaming each other.

BJP’s full focus on booth management, party leaders engaged in strengthening their booth

The entire focus of the Bharatiya Janata Party is on those 30-35 thousand booths where the party has been getting a close fight with the opposition. Under the strategy to strengthen these booths, 250-300 booths have been selected in each Lok Sabha constituency. A team of about 80 people has been formed in each seat, including the party’s MP-MLA, which will keep an eye on every activity in the area from public relations and on the basis of that the party’s further strategy will be made. All these booths are dominated by the leaders of a particular caste or other party, which BJP has taken the initiative to break. BJP workers and leaders are very excited by the victory of Azamgarh and Rampur.

Survey work also started on weak booths

BJP has also started survey work on those weak booths under Mission-80 in UP and a list of questions has also been prepared. What is the social equation at vulnerable booths? Which leader dominates? Who are the strong leaders of the BJP and the opposition, whose words the public listens to and obeys? If a person didn’t vote, what were the reasons? What were the reasons for the BJP’s defeat in those seats? And for what reasons did the opposition win from there? How many are the beneficiaries of government schemes? A complete list of all such questions has also been prepared. Along with this, there has also been talk of focusing on youth power to strengthen the booths. Senior party leaders believe that at least 20 such young faces should be added to one booth, who have the art of connecting people together. There is a lot of focus on the 14 seats where there are sitting MPs of the opposition. Women have openly voted in favor of BJP in the last few elections, after which the party is also working to save them like a separate vote bank because Mission-80 is not possible without them.

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