Bihar Election: Preparation for municipal elections in Bihar begins, voter list is being updated


Patna. Preparations have been started for the local body elections in Bihar. The dates for the elections have not been announced yet, but other preparations have been started. While the State Election Commission is busy updating the voter list, the allowance for the employees to be posted in the elections has also been fixed. The term of the elected board of urban bodies in Bihar has been completed, but the date of the election has not been announced yet. The dates are likely to be announced after the election related preparations are completed.

Actually, the term of the elected board of urban bodies in Bihar has been completed, but the date of election has not been announced yet. However, the preparations for the election have started. The State Election Commission is busy in fixing the voter list. The Urban Development and Housing Department has fixed the allowance for the polling personnel to be employed in the municipal elections. Along with this, the daily compensation rate for vehicles used for election purposes has also been fixed. A letter has been written on behalf of the department to all the divisional commissioners, district officers and municipal commissioners along with the executive officers.

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Allowance fixed for polling personnel
In the municipal elections, presiding officers and counting supervisors will be paid Rs 500, polling officers and assistants Rs 375 and class IV employees Rs 250 per day. Police inspectors and sub-inspectors will be paid Rs 500 per day, constables and constables at the rate of Rs 375 and watchmen, dafadars and NCC cadets at the rate of Rs 250 per day. 500 per day during training to Sector and Zonal Officers as well as Patrol Magistrates, while Rs 2000 will be given in lump sum for polling and counting work. A maximum of Rs 250 per day has to be spent for the food of the election personnel and security personnel deputed at the polling and counting place.

Fuel amount along with compensation to vehicle owners
Along with compensation to the vehicle owners, the amount of fuel will also be given. Till the announcement of the election dates, all the work of urban bodies will be handled by the administrator or the administrator councilor, there is a situation of confusion about this. In the new urban bodies, this responsibility has been given to the administration, but the responsibility of the old urban body (whose term has ended recently) is being demanded to be given to the administrator councilor. Mayor and Deputy Mayor of many bodies including Patna Municipal Corporation have also met Chief Deputy Chief Minister Tarakeswar Prasad regarding this.

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