Bihar: DM sahib himself conducts classes in this district, communicates, know what is the purpose?


Jamui. A unique initiative is being taken with the slogan ‘Padhega Jamui, Badhega Jamui’ to make Jamui’s girls top in education as well as in life. The DM of the district himself is motivating by going to the schools and interacting directly with the girl students; So that the girls of rural areas can fight against social evils while becoming capable by reading and writing. With this motivational class of DM, the spirits of the girl students are increasing.

Jamui district’s DM Avnish Kumar Singh has been trying to make the district better than Excellence in the field of education since the past. Special campaign is being run for the students studying in government schools of the district, especially girl students, whose slogan is- ‘Padhega Jamui- Badhega Jamui’. As the slogan goes: It means that education is the main way of development and progress of any place. This is the reason that the DM of the district, along with the officials of the education department, reaches the Girls High School every day, where they communicate directly with the girl students studying in class 10th and 12th.

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DM Avnish Kumar Singh gives such tricks to these girl students which are not only necessary in studies but also necessary for further career. For example, apart from personality development, skill development, what are the social responsibilities in student life. During this, girls are also given a kit of essential items for reading and writing, in which a dictionary is also kept. The special thing is that these girls are also given this painting with the resolve of dowry free Bihar.

Motivate DM

Padhega Jamui- Badgega Jamui campaign, DM says that it is an effort that the district should move forward in the field of education, the girls here should be the toppers. DM Avnish Kumar Singh says that the 10th and intermediate girl students living in rural areas need motivation. The coming 2 to 4 years is the most useful for their future, the effort is to focus on personality and skill development with the closure of studies and then you will not be left behind in any competition.

direct communication dm

DMs motivate the girl students to get involved in the campaign from now on to become successful as well as being the toppers in reading and writing. Often on some day or the other, DM communicates with the girl students of government schools and understands the system of education there; Where necessary, he also gives instructions to the officers of the Education Department for improvement.

girls speak fluent english

In the DM’s motivational class, the girls of the government school of the village also speak fluent English. According to the students of Kasturba School of Khaira block, they got a chance to learn a lot from the DM’s class, Geeta Kumari, Babita Kumari, a student here, told that they also want to become capable by writing studies because they want to practice evils like dowry. Give a befitting reply.

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