BCCI did not increase the prize money of Ranji Champion team for 13 years, know how many crores MP team got


New Delhi. Ranji Trophy got its new champion. Madhya Pradesh created history by winning the title at the same Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore, in which the team kept on becoming champion 23 years ago. The current coach of the team, Chandrakant Pandit, was then the captain of the team. In his mind, the weight of that defeat was still there. Then, as soon as Madhya Pradesh became the Ranji Trophy champion for the first time, tears also flowed from his eyes. Madhya Pradesh had got a target of 108 runs in the final, which they achieved by losing 4 wickets. Madhya Pradesh got Rs 2 crore as prize money from BCCI for becoming the champion of Ranji Trophy, while the runner-up team of Mumbai also became rich, they have also got Rs 1 crore as a reward.

Shubham Sharma, who played a brilliant innings in the final for Madhya Pradesh, was the player of the match. He scored 116 runs in the first innings of the final and played an important innings of 30 runs in the second. He got 25 thousand rupees as a reward. At the same time, Mumbai batsman Sarfaraz Khan, who scored the highest runs in the entire season, was the Player of the Tournament and he got 1 lakh rupees as a reward.

The Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association has also announced a reward of Rs 2 crore for the team that won the Ranji Trophy for the first time. That is, the MP team will get a total of Rs 4 crore as a reward. It has become a matter of prize money for the teams. Players playing Ranji Trophy get match fees.

Broadly, the match fee of the players is decided on the basis of the number of matches played. There are three different slabs for this. Players who played less than 20 matches, 21 to 40 and more than 40 matches. On this basis, the fees for each day in Ranji Trophy are decided. If a player has played less than 20 matches and has become a part of playing XI, then he will get 25 thousand rupees as match fee per day. Accordingly, the player playing the semi-finals and final will get Rs 1.25 lakh as match fee. If the amount of DA is added to this, then this amount increases. If a player playing 20 matches is not part of the playing XI, then he gets 20 thousand rupees per day as match fee.

Similarly, a player playing 21 to 40 first class matches gets 50 thousand rupees per day for joining the playing XI and 40 thousand rupees per day for being in reserve. Those who play 40 plus matches get 60 thousand a day as match fees. That is, if a player playing more than 40 matches is playing the final, then he will get Rs 3 lakh as match fee for five days and separate DA.

The rules set by the BCCI for this season of Ranji Trophy. Under this, the players included in the playing XI were given full fees, while the remaining 9 players were fixed to get 50 percent of the match fees.

IPL runner up got more money than Ranji champion
Despite being the biggest tournament of domestic cricket, Ranji Trophy champion team Madhya Pradesh got Rs 2 crore as a reward, while Gujarat Titans, who won the IPL this year, got 10 times more amount i.e. Rs 20 crore as prize money. . At the same time, the runner-up Rajasthan Royals also got Rs 13 crore, which is more than 6 times the prize money of Madhya Pradesh.

By the way, the comparison of Ranji Trophy and IPL cannot be done, because the format of both the tournaments is different. But, BCCI conducts both these tournaments and many players playing in Ranji Trophy also play in IPL and they get big money there. Therefore it is a matter of debate.

Base price is fixed in IPL
In IPL, where players are auctioned, a base price is pre-determined. That is, a minimum price is already fixed, while the players playing Ranji Trophy get match fees.

13 years ago the prize money of Ranji Trophy was increased
According to a report published in 2009 by ESPNcricinfo, the BCCI Working Committee had increased the prize money of the Ranji Trophy champion team to Rs 2 crore in 2009. At the same time, the prize money for the runner-up was also increased to Rs 1 crore. Earlier, the runner-up of Ranji Trophy used to get Rs 30 lakh while the champion team used to get Rs 60 lakh as a reward.

At the same time, the teams playing the semi-finals used to get a prize money of 50 lakhs. That is, 13 years ago the prize money was increased. Since then BCCI has earned thousands of crores from organizing IPL, T20, ODI World Cup. But, in domestic cricket, there was no big change in the match fees or prize money of the players.

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