Australia’s sixth win, close to 80 percent mark in the World Test Championship, far ahead of Team India


New Delhi. Australia has continued its stellar performance in the current season of the World Test Championship. In the last season, the team could not reach the final. The team defeated Sri Lanka by 10 wickets in a match on Friday. This is the team’s sixth win in the World Test Championship. The team remains at number-1 in the table. Kangaroo team is unbeatable so far. For every match won, 12 points are given. Whereas 4 points are given on the draw. This is Sri Lanka’s third defeat and they are at number six in the table. The 5th and final Test between India and England has also started from today. It is important for both the teams. Let’s look at the point table.

Australia has played 9 matches so far. He has won in 6, while 3 matches were drawn. The team remains on top with 77.78 percent marks. That is, the team has about 80 percent points. On the other hand, South Africa’s team is at number two in the table. He has played 7 matches so far. He has won in 5, while losing in 2. He has 71.43 per cent marks. None of the other 7 teams in the table have reached the 60 percent mark so far. The final will be played between the top-2 teams of the table.

Team India at number three

Team India is currently at number three in the table. He has played 11 matches so far. Won in 6, while it has lost in 3. 2 matches have been draws. He has 58.33 per cent marks. If the team wins against England in the match started at Edgbaston, then it will get 60 percent of the points. Pakistan team is at number four in the table. He has played 7 matches so far. He has won in 3. Lost in 2 while 2 matches were drawn. He has 52.38 percent marks.

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West Indies team is at number five with 50 percent points. He has played 9 matches so far. He has won in 4, while losing in 3. On the other hand, the Sri Lankan team is at number six. He has won 3 out of 7 matches played so far. He lost in 3, while one match was drawn. He has 47.62 marks. England’s team is at number 7 with 28.89 percent points. He has won 4 matches so far. There have been losses in 7, while 4 matches have been drawn.

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