Assam Flood: Silchar district in the grip of flood, OPD work of cancer hospital going on under trees


Assam: These days floods have caused havoc in Assam. Patients coming to Cachar Cancer Hospital Society in Meherpur area of ​​Silchar, which covers large areas of Assam, are getting their checkup done under trees on the side of the road. Due to flooding of roads and most departments of the hospital, OPD and treatment of common diseases are being done under trees.

Dr Ravi Kannan, Padma Shri awardee and Director of Cachar Cancer Hospital Society, said that this flood is absolutely devastating. It is far from everyone’s potential. He said that the water is decreasing since Tuesday. The Department of Nuclear Medicine is also full of water till the waist.

Treatment is being done outside OPD
The doctor told that we are working out here for OPD treatment, general treatment and bleeding, the rest who are not being treated are being taken to the hospital.

Three lakh people of the southern Assam city got no respite from the floods as the Barak river flowed above the red mark. A 40-member team of SDRF reached Silchar this morning to augment the existing force of NDRF, SDRF and Army which is engaged in rescue and relief work on a war footing.

People are not getting drinking water
Even drinking water is not available to the people in the same city. People are starving for many days for every single drop of water. In view of this, the Mizoram-based Youth Association has sent 15000 liters of packed drinking water to the flood affected areas. The Indian Air Force helped the people by throwing down food, water bottles and essential items from the helicopter.

Cachar Deputy Commissioner Keerthi Jalli said that unmanned aerial vehicles are also engaged in identifying the damaged areas and preparing a map of the flood-affected areas in Silchar.

Some relief in South Assam
However, the water level is slowly decreasing in the areas of southern Assam. But the situation in urban areas has not improved yet. People’s homes in urban areas are still full of water till their waist.

Commissioner Jalli said that the District Disaster Management Authority, UNICEF and Oxfam have prepared a boat water unit setup to meet the needs of Silchar and its surrounding areas.

Dr. Kannan said that initially when the flood water was fierce, we had made a raft in which we took four lobby tubes and put plywood on them, after which we would take the patients from the front of the hospital from top to bottom and from bottom to top. were going.

When the city was reeling from devastating floods, Dr. Kannan and his team sent rafts to the patients’ homes for treatment and to the hospital at any cost. Dr. Kannan had moved from Chennai to Assam in 2007 to open the hospital. Where he slowly built the hospital, hired more nurses, added more beds, started home visits, kept accompanying patients as attendants and responded to local problems.

About 32 districts are in the grip of floods in Assam and about 54 lakh people have been affected. Despite the water receding, 22 lakh people are still affected and a total of more than 100 people have lost their lives.

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