Amit Shah said, SC has also accepted that the riots after the Godhra train accident were self-motivated, not pre-planned


New Delhi. In his first interview after the Supreme Court’s verdict on the 2002 Gujarat riots, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said the court has also made it clear that the train burning riots (in Godhra) were not pre-planned, but self-planned. were inspired. In a conversation with news agency ANI, Amit Shah claimed that the court has named a police officer, an NGO and some political elements and said that they spread false things to create a sensation. The court has made it clear that the government had made every effort to stop the riots.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said in an interview, “The order of the SIT was not of the court. An NGO had demanded a SIT. The court had only asked our lawyer. The lawyer said that I will have to take instructions. After lunch, the court sat again. Our government has said that when we do not have to hide anything, then SIT should be formed, what is the objection to it. This was a consented decision, that is, there was consent on the record of the Gujarat government. The court has also written in its judgment that the demand of the NGO was there, the Gujarat government has given consent. Amit Shah said that we could have argued in the court on the need of SIT, but why to do it. When we didn’t have to hide anything, why would we protest?

According to ANI, Home Minister Amit Shah further said that today when the Supreme Court’s judgment has come, then everything has become clear. Amit Shah said in the interview, “The court has named a police officer, named an NGO and named some political elements. It is clear in the judgment that these three together spread false things to create a sensation. False things were propagated, and false evidence was fabricated.”

Amit Shah said in the interview that even when the answer was being written to the SIT, he knew that it was a false answer. The SIT also later placed it before the court that these were false answers and they knew it was a lie. Home Minister Shah said, “Today the court made it clear that the government had made all efforts to stop the riots. The court decided that the Chief Minister had repeatedly appealed for peace. The court also decided that the riots that took place after the train burning incident were not well planned, they were self-motivated.

Let us inform that on June 24, the Supreme Court has dismissed Zakia Jafri’s petition in the 2002 Gujarat riots case. In this, he challenged the clean chit given by the SIT to 64 people including the then CM Narendra Modi. Dismissing Zakia Jafri’s plea against the closure report of the SIT, the Supreme Court upheld the magistrate’s order.

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