Almora’s sweet not only sweet, Rabri is also famous, you will not find such a wonderful taste anywhere


(Report- Rohit Bhatt)

Almora. If you have come to the cultural city of Almora, then you must have tasted the famous Bal Mithai of Almora here. Not only in Uttarakhand but in the whole country and abroad, the child sweets here are very famous. Do you know that not only the hair sweets of Almora, but the Rabdi here is also very famous. There is a rabri shop in the city, which has been serving the same flavor for nearly 80 years. People from far and wide come to taste the rabri of Abhinandan Sweet House Almora located in the Khazanchi locality.

Inder Singh, the owner of the shop, told that his father Kalyan Singh had started making Rabri. Since then till today this rabri is being made like this. This is the reason that even after 80 years, its taste has not changed at all.

This is how Rabri is made
Milk and sugar are used to make this rabdi. Milk is cooked in low flame of gas. When the cream starts to set in it, then that cream is applied on the sides of the pan. In this way, it takes about one and a half hours to make one-time rabri. Not only the local people but also the tourists coming to Almora reach here to taste the rabri. The price of Rabri is Rs 360 per kg. However, it does not have an online delivery service.

Abhinandan Sweet House

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