Almora: Dana Golu Devta shows the way to the lost people, the custom of offering bidi with khichdi in the temple


(Report- Rohit Bhatt)

Almora. Dana Golu Devta Temple in Almora is situated at a distance of about 12 km from the main city of Almora. You must be thinking that whether we are talking about Chitai Golu Devta, but here we are talking about Dana Golu Devta. This temple also has a special recognition. His temples are located in many districts of Kumaon. It is believed that Dana Golu Devta shows the right path to the people who have lost their way.

Local residents say that first the Goluji of Chitai is seen, after that the devotees visit Dana Golu Devta. When a path goes astray in this area, Dana Golu himself shows him the way. It is believed that he also protects people from wild animals.

The custom of offering Bidi along with Khichdi in the temple
There is a custom of offering beedi along with Khichdi to Dana Golu Devta in the temple. Actually this beedi is not for Dana Golu Devta but for his Ganas. In the temple, you will also get to see the applications of vows in the form of marriage cards and letters. Every year thousands of devotees reach here.

You get two routes to reach Dana Golu Devta Temple. First you can reach here via NTD of Almora. The second way takes you to this temple via Dharanaula. The temple of Dana Golu Devta is about 100 meters before the Chitai temple.

Dana Golu Devta Temple in Almora

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