A motorcycle was wanted for dowry, if the demand was not met, the husband and in-laws killed the married woman


Danapur. Dowry greedy killed a daughter in Naubatpur police station area. The case is of Jeetu Chak where Dhanrua’s daughter Komal was married to Rahul Paswan, a resident of Jeetu Chak. It is being told that there was always a demand for two wheeled vehicles by the husband’s family members since their marriage. When the demand was not met, Kajal was killed and her body was buried on the banks of the Punpun river.

The matter came to light when the family reached the police station and lodged a complaint about the disappearance of their daughter. After which the police acted promptly and arrested Kajal’s husband. When the police interrogated him strictly, the matter went on opening layer after layer. In this case it came to light that after killing Kajal in Punpun river in front of Jeetu Chak, her body has been buried.

After the matter came to light, the police arrived with the crew and dug out the dead body from the grave. The dead body has been sent for post-mortem. The family members have filed a case alleging murder. Police is currently investigating the matter. In this case, the husband and his mother have been arrested while the police are searching for the more named accused.

It is said that on 26 May 2021, Kajal, daughter of Shekhar Paswan, a resident of Tetri village of Dhanrua police station area, was married with pomp to Rahul Paswan, son of Ramanand Paswan, a resident of Jitu Chak in Naubatpur. But only after the marriage, dowry greedy husband and in-laws started beating and harassing after drinking alcohol. In the end, after killing him, to hide the dead body, he dug a grave in the Punpun river and buried it.

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