62 drains surround the lake of Nainital, there was a big accident during the British period, the reason for the construction


(Report- Himanshu Joshi)

Nainital. Sarovar city Nainital is famous all over the world today. Nainital is one of the major tourist destinations of the country. Tourists from all corners of the world come here to see the lake (Nainital Lake History). A group of 62 drains is seen around Naini Lake, which have been made during the British period. Visually, these drains look like normal drains, but the reason for their construction has been a terrible accident in the past. If these drains were not there in the true sense, then this city which looks like today would probably never have been like this.

Historian and environmentalist Dr Ajay Rawat told that in the year 1841, the British had come to Nainital for the first time. Earlier it was known only as a pilgrimage center. The British started urbanizing here and gradually people from different places started coming and settling here. After the freedom struggle of 1857, many Britishers had taken refuge here and since then this city also became known. A few years after the settlement of the town, the first landslide occurred here in 1867, on the hill of present-day Charton Lodge. Sir Henry Ramje, then the commissioner of Kumaon, formed the Hill Side Safety Committee, which used to collect information about the sensitive areas of Nainital.

After this, in the year 1880, there was a terrible landslide in Nainital, in which 151 people died. The reason behind the occurrence of this landslide was the terrible rains during that time. During that time, it rained continuously from 20 inches to 35 inches for about 48 hours. After this, 79 km length of drains were constructed around the lake by the Hill Side Safety Committee, so that the rain water flows straight from the drains to the lake and does not cause any damage. The construction of these drains continued from 1880 to 1885. Since then, there have been some landslides in Nainital, but no dangerous landslide was ever seen in Nainital again, causing more damage. If these 62 drains are also called the lifeline of Nainital, then it will not be wrong.

Encroachment threatens the future of Nainital?
By the year 1990, people had started encroaching on these drains. Dr Ajay Rawat has filed a petition in the Supreme Court and High Court regarding this and as per the order of the court, the encroachment on the drains has been removed. On July 5, 2015, Nainital received heavy rains. During that time, a large amount of debris from the hill had gathered on the Nainital Mall Road via these drains. Had it not been for these drains, perhaps today the map of Nainital would have changed completely. A letter of appreciation was sent to Dr Ajay Rawat on behalf of the then District Magistrate Deepak Rawat for his awareness. Ajay Rawat says that even today many of these 62 drains are being encroached upon or have happened, which is a danger bell for the future of Nainital.

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