4 people were murdered by standing in the courtyard of the house, sentenced after 16 years, know the whole matter


Madhepura. District Judge Ramesh Chandra Malviya has convicted three people and sentenced them to life imprisonment and a fine of one lakh rupees each in the brutal murder of four people 16 years ago. The incident is of Ghadhara village under Chausa police station. Four people were brutally murdered here on the night of 7-8 December 2006. Case number 81/2006 was registered in Chausa police station on the statement of the injured Narad Singh; In which the four named and the other four-five unknown were accused of murder. In which the accused Shambhu Singh, Sanjay Singh and Naval Kishore Singh, residents of Barun of Beldaur police station under Khagaria district have been sentenced. While the main accused in the incident Badal Singh is still absconding.

According to the FIR lodged by the informant Narad Singh, on the intervening night of 7-8 December 2006, all the people slept in their homes. Meanwhile, at around 12:00 pm, Badal Singh father Shivnarayan Singh, Naval Kishore Singh father Hanuman Singh, Shambhu Singh and Sanjay Singh’s father Naval Kishore Singh came home with 4-5 unknown people. Everyone had a knife in their hand. These people first woke us up and brought us in the courtyard of the house and tied our hands with a pot. Then my middle daughter Sunita Devi was also taken out of her room and made to stand in the courtyard.

After this Badal Singh shot my Putohu before taking the katta in his hand. She died as soon as she was shot. After that shot me too, but all the people left from there thinking me to be dead. After this my neighbor went to Adhika Lal Singh’s house where also Adhika Lal Singh and his son OP Singh were shot dead. Narad Singh, who became an indicator of the case, also died during treatment two days after the incident.

Describing the reason for the incident in the FIR, Narad Singh had told that about a year ago, my Majli Putohu had gone to work as a laborer to uproot turmeric in Dhuria village and Badal Singh had also gone to work. In order to uproot turmeric, a fight broke out between Badal Singh and my son Sunita Devi. There was a fight at home on the same day on the same issue. In which Badal Singh and his mother suffered head and hand injuries.

This dispute was settled by the people of the village by doing Panchayati; In which I had to give 20 thousand rupees to those people for treatment and the dispute ended. But Badal Singh again came and shot us last night with his above allies on the same issue; Whereas these people had a land dispute with Adhikhlal Singh and OP Singh.

Badal Singh used to live in the same village earlier. But, 2 months before the incident, he left here with his family and belongings. The court, after hearing all the parties, found him guilty under sections 302, 307, 149 and other sections including the Arms Act and imposed life imprisonment and a fine of ₹ 100000. The defense lawyer spoke of appealing against the sentence in the High Court.

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