18 hand grenades found scattered like fruits near Nirmali Kund intersection in Ayodhya, Military Intelligence reached immediately


Krishna Shukla
Hand grenades were found scattered like fruits near a drain near Nirmali Kund intersection of Dogra Cantonment Board area in Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Ram. When the Military Intelligence team reached here on the information of a local youth, they found 18 hand grenades lying between trees and bushes within a short distance. However, it was fortunate that all these grenades had pins out.

Actually, this entire area remains under the supervision of the army and after 10 o’clock in the night, movement from here is also prohibited. This type of army center where hand grenades are practiced is about two and a half to three kilometers away from this place. In such a situation, getting such a large quantity of hand grenades so far raises big questions.

According to Military Intelligence, the hand grenade found has been destroyed around 2 pm on Sunday. The Ayodhya Police was also informed about this. Ayodhya SSP Shailesh Pandey says that information about getting such hand grenades has been given to him by the Dogra Regimental Center through a letter at the Cantt police station. All hand grenades have been destroyed. They don’t have any more information than that.

At the same time, Milan Nishad, chairman of the Ayodhya Cantonment Board, said that a local youth living in Nirmali Kund first saw these hand grenades. He has given this information to Military Intelligence. This case of getting a hand grenade is near the drain located next to the Nirmali Kund intersection. Where the army has fencing on one side, these grenades were found lying between bushes and trees on the other side. Their number is 18, which have been defused.

Board chairman Milan Nishad also questions that how did this hand grenade finally reach there, about two and a half to 3 kilometers away from the army’s hand grenade training center. They cannot be thrown with hands so far and there is only shooting range near, where there is no practice of throwing them.

Let us tell you that the information about the activities of the army is usually not with the people, nor does the army share it. However, on each such case, the inquiry committee investigates the matter thoroughly and action is also taken on that investigation report. Like ordinary incidents and investigations, the action of the army is neither made headlines nor publicized except in a few cases.

On the other hand, if sources related to Military Intelligence (MI) are to be believed, different types of ammunition are used for training and actual action. The hand grenades used for training are not destructive. Apart from this, hand grenades that are allotted for military action are very lethal. Whenever hand grenades or similar weapons are issued, a number is marked on it which tells in which lot and when they were issued. After investigation, it will be clear to whom and when it was issued.

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